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Personal growth in my relationship with money (other people's money)

December 19th, 2013 at 04:38 pm

Thought I'd share a milestone that I seemed to have passed successfully. Worrying about other people's money. I suppose it finally comes from my own sense of financial well-being (that of my family's). Because of our faith, financial planning, and support of friends and family, we will be fine when the "ax falls".

Firstly, my brother has been employed in the new job for several months, has impressed the pants off the boss, was given a nice salary and bonus, and he bought a new car. I was happy for him. Not a smidge of jealousy, like "why can't I buy a new car". It wasn't piggish and he's driven used cars forever. He seemed to be excited that I was excited and he came over to take me for a ride. I was sick, but put my nap off for awhile. And I told him I'd pick up new floor mats that are on sale at Aldi's for $9.99.

And long story short, my best friend was almost arrested yesterday. To the point that I thought she had been arrested, called lawyer brother, prior to planning to call the police station. Anyhow there wasn't a bench warrant, and bail would have been $3K, costing $300. I told her that I would have bailed her out. Like I would leave her in jail. And I really didn't have much to say about her lack of judgment before and after the incident. Maybe I'm conserving my own energy?

And my biological father sent me a Christmas card with $1,000 in it. My brother shared our situation and he doubled what he usually given me for Christmas. We had a nice conversation, one of the better ones we've had in awhile. And when/if we need to pay Cobra for insurance, he would like to help us and pay for it. He told me that as a parent he always worries about me, and can cover that expense for as long as needed. He pays my brother's law school loans - and I was jealous and pouty about that for quite some time. So, I have an added measure of comfort with that. I can't really write about how I feel about the whole thing - other than that I am relieved.

I definitely be paying more toward the tuition bill tomorrow. And we decided on purchasing a membership as a family gift; now to decide whether it is the Brookfield Zoo or the Museum of Science and Industry.

So, if I tend my own garden, I can enjoy both smelling the roses in other people's gardens, and helping them weed if need be.

That is all.

4 Responses to “Personal growth in my relationship with money (other people's money)”

  1. ceejay74 Says:

    What a fabulous mindset to be in. You are an amazing woman! I've enjoyed watching your growth over the years.

  2. CB in the City Says:

    Sounds like you're in a good place!

  3. snafu Says:

    My computer jumped [must have inadvertently brushed a 'command' key] where you completed the great bedroom switch and decorate. How is working out for DKs? Did they have difficulty adjusting to the change?

  4. SicilyYoder Says:

    My son did get sdent to jail, but my setpdad bailed him out.

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