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Hello 2013!

December 31st, 2012 at 07:04 pm

I hope that everyone had a fulfilling holiday season. We had a wonderful Advent filled with family activities and a very nice Christmas celebration with extended family. It wasn't a white Christmas, which saddened by nostalgic daughter. I've made some interesting observations about myself lately that have helped my the best version of myself that I can be, and I've been much more positive in attitude and spirit that has helped things be calm and peaceful.

I've worked the budget for the 1/4 and will be paying an additional $500 to mortgage principle. I am very pleased with that.

I have increased the 401K contributions from 4% to 12%. I'm looking at it as a "getting used to less money" practice.

The meal planning and grocery spending will continue to be an area that I'm challenged by. But, I'm spending a bit of my weekly grocery funds to stock up things when they are on sale. Seems a smart move.

I'm giving some thoughts to concrete goals for 2013. I've got the normal "lose weight" and "eradicate debt" and some other home improvement ones "new carpeting in the bedrooms". Also I've been more outgoing and expanding my circle with like-minded friends. I've unfortunately did the fade with my best friend, taking a hiatus of several weeks (speaking to her once every six days for a minimum of ten minutes AND making an effort to talk to her about what was going on in MY life rather than listening to her ONLY). Making small progress there, and the time away has definitely made her issues HERS and there hasn't been the energy suck Smile

Well, Happy New Year, all!

Hello, and mid-month check-in

December 11th, 2012 at 07:00 pm

I am online to take care of some money business (making a credit card payment and scheduling auto bill pays for the next paycheck on 12/21).

I hope that everyone is enjoying December so far. We have been decorated since the beginning of Advent and rang in the New Liturgical Year (C) on December 1st.

We were able to donate two big boxes of groceries to my high school daughter's homeroom class's Adopt A Family (six boxes of Post cereal, six boxes of fruit snacks, three boxes of pasta, three cans of sauce, ten boxes of canned soup and spaghettios, six cans of vegetables, and two tubes of toothpaste and two hand soaps.) And we went to Mass at a different parish the weekend that we usually pick the name off the gift tree. We piggy-backed on my mom's tag and spent $23 on some clothing for a 12 year old girl who wanted yoga pants (found some really cute clothes at great prices at Target) also used a coupon to pick up some lip gloss for her.

Life here is nice and peaceful, despite the calendar. We went to the Band Concert last week (what a difference a year can make when it comes to musical talent!). We went to Drury Lane for Breakfast with Santa last Saturday with the Cub Scouts and I'd like to make that a new tradition. My parents came too and it was a lot of fun. This Friday we go caroling at the Retirement and Nursing Homes in our town. Looking forward to that, should be fun.

Finals and Christmas parties are next week. We'll follow our annual tradition of Mass at 3:00 on Christmas Eve followed by dinner and a gift exchange at my parents. Christmas Day my inlaws arrive at about noon and I host dinner at 4:00.

I've made an effort to be more social with the group of people that I'd like to be friendlier with. I invited one mom to breakfast on 11/29. We had a really nice conversation and I realize that she's pretty similar to me (not wanting to engage in the drama that goes with the two grades our sons are in - our boys match up and are best friends). She then texted me last week on the spur of the moment and I went over for tea. The nice thing about this friendship is ... no drama. I do have to encounter the drama mama from last year, but since my attitude has changed, there isn't much significance to things.

To end, my money-saving strategies of late:

$25 gift card to Walgreens with a simple Rx transfer
$25 off $50 groceries at Dominick's (also due to Rx transfer)
$168 saved for Rx sample from pediatrician
Stacking up on Triaminic stacking coupons at CVS

I also splurged and spent my birthday money on a Nikon camera ($479 purchased online, free shipping and no taxes) Big Grin And I bought myself a dress that I love at Macy's and found another on clearance. Total purchase was $41 after discounts and coupons and tax was added. Original price was $79.50. Big Grin

Happy Holidays. I really probably won't be back til 2013. Off to catch up on everyone's blogs!!