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Productive and Otherwise Nonsense

October 27th, 2013 at 11:04 pm

(1) My ID daughters competed in a Halloween Feis. They like it because they can ditch the heavy dresses and wigs, wear fun costumes and have a good time. The ID competition season starts 10/1 for the following year's national qualifiers. Younger daughter dances at almost the highest level and her scores yesterday qualified her, so she doesn't actually have to compete at until again if she doesn't want to. And one judge actually gave her a 1st out of 20 dancers, which is fairly impressive given she goes to class once a week and has dropped her practice time since she's in high school. Older daughter did a good job too, getting a 3rd and 5th place in two of her five dances.

(2) DH cleaned out the garage of all the donations for St Vincent De Paul and we dropped those off after Mass today. Clear spaces! Yay! He also packed up our outdoor things and is "done" until Spring.

(3) Two big bags of hand-me-downs leave tomorrow!

(4) MIL and FIL moved back to our state early last month. They came today for a visit. They treated to Little Cesar's Pizza and brought a cake from the bakery for dessert. Any meal I don't have to cook is always appreciated.

(5) Only money spent this weekend was $5 for parking at the competition yesterday.

(6) DH thinks I need brakes. Bah! This is in addition to two new tires for his minivan that are needed. Having to stretch those dollars more and more Frown

(7) DH is predicting a paycheck until end of December. I wish this game would just end. The new merger hasn't gone into effect yet and they are still stressing about the budget numbers - revision after revision after revision. It all makes me tired. We have to decide on benefits for 2014. DH doesn't think his employment will carry that far into 2014.

(8) I am thinking about applying for a job that was advertised in the church bulletin with Catholic Charities. I was employed in social services pre-kids, and I know people in the organization. So that makes things less scary financially, and it is on a prn basis so ...

(9) I didn't find anything at Ross. Was rather disappointed after all. My girls are both XS/O and found nothing. I tried on about ten things just because I had the time. I didn't have the proper foundations, and was a bit discouraged by the lighting and mirrors. Frown Maybe the 10 pounds I need to lose are really 15. Frown

(10) Best friend's romantic relationship fell apart. Her financial situation should be better since bankruptcy, but I suppose she hasn't really changed her behaviors. Rather depressing to listen to.

(11) Brother's romantic relationship is falling apart. But on the employment front, he was made a contract employee at the firm he works at, rather than hourly. Happy for him that he is happy about that.

2 Responses to “Productive and Otherwise Nonsense”

  1. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Congratulations to your DDs!

  2. PNW Mom Says:

    Congratulations to your daughters!

    Sometimes at Ross you have to keep going back as their selection changes quite often.

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