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"Mind the gap ... mind the gap"

April 15th, 2013 at 04:45 pm

When unpleasantries arise, I can sometimes cast myself back to pleasant memories, times with enjoyable elements. Before kids, I travelled to Europe regularly with my husband, brother, and then sister in law. I love London. I didn't even mind the sweltering tube stops when the entire country could have used air conditioning. "Mind the gap ... mind the gap." My only pleasant associations with "gap".

Back to reality, we are financially at that spot where we have exhausted all corporate-funded HSA money. This was attributable to the DH's tonsillar abscess and multiple visits in Quarter One for the kids. So, we are now at that gap ... when we are fiscally responsible for the deductibles of $2,500 per person. *sigh* In calendar year 2011, our funds were exhausted in October. In 2012, we carried over $50. So I suppose this is the risk one takes when one has the HDHP.

Daughter's maintenance med options for her asthma were $165 or $187. I called the pediatrician's office asking for coupons. Better yet, they gave me two months worth of samples, or a savings of $353. For this I am immensely thankful.

I managed to host my daughter's Confirmation Luncheon on Saturday at an affordable rate taking advantage of $5 Fridays at Dominicks/Albertsons. I did a deli spread and for $15 I had an assortment of lunch meats and cheeses. We made the cake ourselves and I found the paper products (bright florals) on clearance for $.89 at Aldi's after Easter. It was a nice soiree and she received cash for her savings account and an iTunes card. I felt a bid bad when most of her friends were going on about jewelry with diamonds. We gave her a frame. Sometimes the lack of funds makes it not fun.

4 Responses to “"Mind the gap ... mind the gap"”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Whoa! Jewelry with diamonds for confirmation. That is just too much. I'm sorry that it was difficult for your daughter, but you did awesome with the meal. And so lucky to get those samples. That is a huge savings!

  2. snafu Says:

    Sounds like you managed a lovely soiree. Perhaps parents and grandparents who give over-the-top gifts are creating future problems. We were thrilled that grandparents and close relatives gave cash gifts to be applied to our DSs Mutual Funds which are now funding college expenses. Diamonds are the salesman's best friend since markup is 1,000% and up!

  3. Wino Says:

    In five years, most of her friends will be talking about high car payments and being unable to meet their credit card bills. A few will have taken their gold and diamond confirmation gifts to pawn shops, "to make ends meet."

    You and your daughter, having extra money and no payments, should then be shopping at pawn shops for all of you gold and diamond desires. There'll be good bargains available.

    This is a case of Dave Ramsey's saying "Live like no one else, now, so later, you can live like no one else." You're making the family tree change he so-often talks about. Think about it. Would your daughter profit more by learning how to budget and save, or would she profit more by being able to "compete" with her friends to see who has the most toys? When I say "profit," I'm talking more in a "life benefit sense" than a "better returns on investment sense."

  4. My English Castle Says:

    Laura: I always admire the way you raise your kids. Good strong values and engaged parents. Diamonds--pah.

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