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Thursday, and peace

February 23rd, 2012 at 06:29 am

The new philosophy in the house: To be kind and peaceful in our actions and behavior. No mean words about others and being helpful and nice. Purposeful and deliberate. Non-complicated and organized.

It was nice to shut the door to the drama of the past few days. I am hoping to help my daughter by reminding her that she has cast a wide net of friends and she has plans to socialize on Friday with two other friends outside of the circle. At this point, I am definitely setting and maintaining boundaries, and I was surprised that I am over the disappointment in my friend's behavior. When I was asked if I was really ultimately surprised, I had to say no. Writing on the wall, enough said.

We've limited TV use in the house. Rather than sit and watch TV, we've got the art supplies out and in easy reach. We've got a jigsaw puzzle going on the dining room table. I've pulled out some fun books to read with each of my boys and hope to make it more than these three during Lent, but my goal is starting out modest.

We've started digging through and cleaning out stuff. DH is no longer a 220 pound man so he parted with lots of old things yesterday. I've tackled all the piles in my room (I'm a secret piler - queen of organized chaos Smile ). It is feeling good to be free of this stuff. Why were we keeping it in the first place?

Next week I am motivated to take my lamps to the other consignment store, and post pictures of my other item (the rosewood opium daybed) that I desperately want to get rid of. I've got an Rx to transfer for the $25 off of $50 grocery bill coupon to get (will help to defray Easter dinner cost with those). I think I've broken through the desire to be a coupon clipping queen. I didn't bother to match up coupons with sale ads this week at all, though I did peruse through the coupons and took only a few I know I'll spend.

Well, enough for now. Hope that everyone has a good day. Smile

3 Responses to “Thursday, and peace”

  1. snafu Says:

    Do you remember the old saying...we wear 20% of our clothes, 80% of the time? If DH parted with a significant number of old things, would you consider doing likewise with garments you never wear?

    We've been going through shelf by shelf, drawer by drawer and cupboard by cupboard, purging the items that have expired, out-of-date electronics, things that no longer work well, anything we don't like [what was I thinking?], books we'll never read again, too much paper too many clothes and anything that can be called clutter.

  2. PauletteGoddard Says:

    I love the smell of motivated, conscious living in the morning!

  3. pretty cheap jewelry Says:

    Awaiting the day I can DECLUTTER my kids' rooms when they move out (ok, i'll phase it over a couple three years so as not to completely shock them.) But being the fanatically clean person I am, why is it so hard to stop saving shoe boxes and other 'good' cardboard boxes!! ACK! And there are some hardly used kitchen wares I really need to ditch!

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