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Back to Normal and Hitting those Little Targets

February 16th, 2012 at 06:34 am

OK, it is with relief and a happy sigh that I can say that things appear to be on the right track for all. My daughter is no longer lamenting about the disappointment of the rejection letter from Choice A. I've found her on the computer (the only one is in the family room) looking at Choice B's website and she and her best friend (who will be attending Choice A) have spent more time together than usual. I think once they figure out that their friendship will remain intact despite going to different schools, things will be better.

My brother got an offer for part-time law work at his old firm. They'll cover his malpractice insurance and give him $x per month with the understanding that when something solid comes along they will give him a reference. No gap in his employment history. A recruiter had him rework his resume and there are other pokers in the fire. The silver lining in all this is the new girlfriend (who I've met and like immensely) appears to like him for who he is and not the trappings of what he should be. She was happy that he cooked dinner for her at his house. I think that he (my brother) is learning some valuable lessons about life and love throughout this time.

My best friend has had some major job drama despite this being her last week at the present job. She had an injury and has HR and Workman's Comp involved. Her supervisor manipulated the Oc Health doc's recommendations and put her on light duty (she lifts/is an OT in a hospital). Anyhow I've spent a lot of time listening to her and helping her rework emails and things to various people about her situation. All it takes it to threaten to get a lawyer involved and things change up. I don't advocate that in all situations, but the little phrase "upon advise of my counsel" (she did ask if brother would get involved. Probably not).

OK, now for hitting those little targets. Tomorrow is payday and rent collection so I will have $1,000 extraneous funds to take care of the following: (first amount is what I need to pay, second amount is what I will pay, third amount is remaining balance to carry over to March's funds)

CUB SCOUT CAMP: $160 - $160 - $0
HS TUITION DEPOSIT: $350 - $350 - $0
IRA CONTRIBUTION: $500 - $200 - $300
PRESENT TUITION BALANCE: $703 - $301.50 - $401.50

My Ira Contribution must be paid by 4/16, and the present tuition balance is due by 3/31.

So progress is being made slowly and surely tackling these extraneous expenses, though I am much better able to predict and budget for them now.

1 Responses to “Back to Normal and Hitting those Little Targets”

  1. frugaltexan75 Says:

    That's good news for your brother!

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