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Another day, another way

February 15th, 2012 at 09:17 am

We're over the initial drama of *E* not getting into School A. Turns out she wasn't *the* only one not to gain admittance. (Previous post spelled it out: 504 applicants for 330 spots, of which 75% are legacy - you are guarnateed a spot if you've got a sibling, parent or grandparent as alumni). Turns out there were there at least eight. Her guraduating class is small with only 34 kids.

Our drama is over and done right now. She's off to the other parochial school which incidentally all it took was a phone call and the mention of my name as an alumni. My registration check fell out of the envelope for my first trip there yesterday. Most likely providence, because when I drove the check there I found out that my gym teacher is now the Vice Principal and she winked and said how great it was to have me back (read that as: daughter is in). I got a tour of the school. Back in the office after I ran into the parents of one of the twin girls who didn't get in (other twin did), so that was very nice to see though our girls aren't the greatest of friends. And turns out that my Homecoming Date Junior Year is now the Econ teacher and recognized me. Small world and interesting timing.

We pulled out my old yearbook and I suppose that my blank slate of not commenting on where daughter wanted to go lead her to believe I didn't particularly like the school. Well, a little bit of my entusiasm went a long way with her. It is a smaller school with only 180 students per year and it offers soccer and LaCross and has a great art studio. Older daughter now might not be so quick to stay, get a good GPA and leave. Smile And they offer lots of nice things that could meet the needs of our family's diverse range of students: AP math and science for the really bright 2nd child, and inhouse academic support for those challenged (I have a dyslexic and dysgraphic in my mix, too).

When I graduated, tuition was $1,200 a year. Now it is a whopping $9,175, though my daughter will most likely be bringing $6,000 in scholarships and grants with her.

So, it is looking better here. I think we're over the hump over the despair about the "no thank you we can't offer you a spot". And as the Amdissions Director at School A did say, there isn't any reason why *E* can't get a diploma from School A. Her uncle can most likely get her in as a name, rather than a number like she is now.

2 Responses to “Another day, another way”

  1. frugaltexan75 Says:

    It sounds like your alma mater is a good choice for your daughter - she may even end up liking it even more than her first choice school. Smile

  2. laura Says:

    Thanks, Laura! I hope so! I guess I wasn't enthusiastic enough about it and she read my "blank slate" as something other than neutrality.

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