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I hear you knockin, but you can't come in, and I'd like a Vicodin with that

February 10th, 2012 at 06:13 am

Another Friday! This year just seems to be zipping right along as we pass the monumental mile markers for my 8th grader!

Today is the Valentine's Day Dance at school. They've spent the last semester learning how to dance. The tango, cha-cha, samba, waltz, and swing. They get to put their newly acquired skills to the test and attend the dance in the school hall (aka lunchroom). My taller-than-average girl hemmed and hawed about which shoes to wear because heels would put certain young men who haven't reached their growth spurt at eye level with her chest. I suggested she take both flats and heels and worry about it later.

I'm pleased to say that I returned to a place of organization last night by 8:30 PM. Gown ironed (also cap and gown pictures today for daughter), all notes written for pick up and going homes, ski registration and picture order filled out, all unifroms laid out for the rest of the kids, etc.

I've closed the door to the complaint department. I realize that my brother and best friend are on hard times. Employment isn't easily come by when you're a divorce attorney and during these economic times, divorce is on the decline. And best friend who has a new job lined up so she can leave the bad job isn't sure she wants to go to the new job (after reading about pay and caseload and etc.) and she wants to file a HEPA violation with her boss. Don't really know much more than that because I don't wanna be bogged down with more than my own stuff. I'm finally feeling better after a night of early bed (and I resorted to a Vicodin to help knock me out), I know not really prudent, but I didn't have any other sleep aids and was desperate for the zz's.

So that is it, in a nutshell. I've spent some money recently, not a lot, but some: $6 for fish tank, $5.50 for mascara, $20 OOP for pricy make-up for daughter, $24 for a curling iron type aparatus (a "you curl"), and $10 for son whose going to the new Star Wars 3-D movie opening today. Add on $68 for a ski trip ($10 refundable), $15 for class pictures of graduates (didn't pay first time around), and $20 for pizza card for lunch for one child.

Hope everyone has a great Friday!

1 Responses to “I hear you knockin, but you can't come in, and I'd like a Vicodin with that”

  1. Jerry Says:

    I think it is wise not to get too involved in the complaints of others when there is more than enough on one's own plate! Carrying other people's stresses can just lead to even more worries, and there is never any insurance that you will be able to help that much, anyway. Stay happy, keep those kids happy, and get that rest! Wink Jerry

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