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Weekly Money Maximizing Strategy

January 23rd, 2012 at 12:30 pm

OK, now that the bills and budget seemed to have taken care of themselves and fallen into a logical rhythm (and we're not paycheck to paycheck and a full month ahead on things) and money is on auto-pilot, I'm deciding to be more proactive on steps to maximize the money (and make those dollars scream as I stretch them).

Here are the plans for the week to maximize the money:
(1) Check Goodwill and the resale store for jeans for the youngest child, hoping to spend no more than $5
(2) Transfer Rx from Jewel to Dominick's to take advantage of a $25 coupon off of a $50 shopping trip. There are three Rxs I can transfer prior to the 3/31 end of offer.
(3) Take advantage of Walgreen's Triaminic offer 2/$10 with a future $5 offer (using $3 off) and then using that for cereal. I will do this once and only buy as needed.
(4) Limit local driving to save on gas usage.

I plan on posting Mondays on what I can do to stretch the budget. Any ideas on things for you to do?

1 Responses to “Weekly Money Maximizing Strategy”

  1. Looking Forward Says:

    Forget my purse at home. That way I won't have any money to spend! Wink
    But really, your list sounds much better. Smile

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