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January has officially Begun!

January 7th, 2012 at 08:04 am

Well, 2012's fiscal year began yesterday with the first paycheck of the year. I'm a bit excited by the whole thing.

My first goal is to track my grocery spending (all items and coupons) to determine which approach offers me the best savings: (1) ads and coupons weekly, (2) Aldi's bare basic necessities budget with other needed items purchased at different stores, (3) Sam's Club. My first go around for month one is: (1) Ads and coupons. I spent an hour on Thursday mapping out coupons with store ads and I think I did fairly well. I spent $130 for the week and will actually probably be able to stretch it ten days, only adding milk and fresh produce. I'm contemplating powdered milk for all the baking I do (muffins, waffles, etc). Trying to cut corners where-ever I can.

Our extranous expenses are high this two week pay period: $35 for high school entrance exam fee, $107 feis registration fee, and $280 for DH's three month exercise session. Had to transfer $150 from small savings account to cover that category, but don't expect major expenses in this category again for awhile.

I upped the 401K from 6% to 10%, I changed it downward when we ran out of HSA funds and needed to cover my daughter's asthma meds. Now that it is a new year, new funds are available.

OK, all for now!

1 Responses to “January has officially Begun!”

  1. Mary Ann Says:

    I love to use coupons if it's an item I use anyway, or want to try something out. I don't use as many as I used to....no children in the home any more.

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