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Starting "October" with more Murphies, albeit small

September 30th, 2011 at 01:09 pm

In a previous post I lamented how I was looking forward to October because September was laden with extraneous expenses: $375 for brakes, $225 for dance shoes, $250 for asthma meds, $102 (amended) for trumpet start ups, $500 for root canal (crown not included) expenses (procedure and meds).

I went out this AM to start my car and nothing - some sad sputter which my friendly car mechanic diagnosed immediately as "dead battery" (I was on the cordless and let him hear the sad 'ding-ding-ba-ba-tic-tic-tic". He came over within the hour with his handy-dandy jump start thing and I drove over to be fit with a new battery. $175 later I was able to drive away. Frown

UGH! The good news is I have decided to try to stretch my grocery spending for this week to ten days. I stocked up on $1 cans of Progresso soup and figure we can have sandwiches or salads on the side.

I started with $200 for the week (really $232, but I'm forgetting the $32). We spent $30 on gas, $9 on misc (duck tape and blister band aids for my dancers), $6.50 on Christmas gift, and $119 on groceries/household between three stores with $15 in coupon savings. $36 left for the week.

1 Responses to “Starting "October" with more Murphies, albeit small”

  1. Jerry Says:

    Those dental costs are outrageous, and it leads to a heavy out of pocket expense (even with insurance these days). Sorry about the car battery! Good luck with the grocery spending plan...

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