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4th Quarter Goals

September 22nd, 2011 at 01:00 pm

Most of my money management has been (of late) juggling and trying to get by. We were SO good prior to vacation, making wise economic choices. Unfortunately, the lack of disciplined spending on vacation and the lack of a schedule in life, has made things ... well ... difficult. Things can be better managed. I know what bills are due and when the are due. I should be able to better predict extraneous expenses and use the EF for emergencies (like the $375 car brakes this month). Anyhow, time for some concreteness, if that's a word.

That said, now I roll out my goals for the fourth quarter:

(1) $3000 to debt. I'm ashamed it's there. It needs to leave. I did a balance transfer so it's 0% til March of 2013. Smile
(2) $1500 to savings. I'd like grow the saving account to $15,000 - we're presently at $12,000 (with $18,000 ear marked for car) = Total is $36,306 (which 5,700 will leave at end of month for property tax second installment on both properties)
(3) $1500 for car purchase to bring us to right under $20K when time to purchase.

I'll probably post accountability updates mid and end of month. I think it should be do-able.

1 Responses to “4th Quarter Goals”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Good luck! Those sound like great goals.

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