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January Spending Recap and February Goals

January 31st, 2011 at 01:01 pm

I usually track my budgeted spending in two-week increments, but since I've switched budgeting software, I'll rely on their monthly spending report for the following categories:

Mortgage: $1,800
Groceries and household: $655.19
Retirement: $600
Savings: $500
Tuition: $420
Auto (gas and maintenance): $330.05
Insurance (life/auto/home/rental property): $229.63
Utilities (comcast/electric/gas): $314
Extraneous-Major: $300 (dance fee/basketball/chess/Cub Scout overnight)
Student loan: $169.15
Extraneous-Minor: $100 (charitable donations/gifts/seasonal/clothing/etc)

February should be lower considerably because I did a major shopping trip today and plan on being housebound most of the week due to the predicted blizzard.

(1) Reduce spending for groceries and household by 1$150 - to $500 and use coupons for non-Sam's Club trip items
(2) Better contain Extraneous-Minor expenses to $50
(like frequent the Dollar Tree for Valentine's for kids
(3) Reduce gas usage (but January included out of state trip)
(4) Plan one outing with family and one with husband (preferably using coupons)
(5) Predict Extraneous-Major spending for March

Hope everyone stays warm and safe!!

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