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Relishing a productive/organized day

January 19th, 2011 at 10:55 am

With a family the size of mine and a calendar that is as busy as ours, I am admittedly sometimes running in so many directions that it is a sheer miracle that I haven't left a child forgotten somewhere or experienced some great calamity more often than I do. The school secretary is quite kind and is used to me dropping off forms on the day of a deadline and/or dropping off things that my children need and they have told me the day of, etc.

Today was nothing short of nice and calm. Yesterday I spent time in the kitchen and got dinner made for today as well (just need to rehead) and sandwiches for lunches, etc. I got tons of laundry done yesterday and had five uniforms laid out (including gym uniforms and shoes) and coats and winter ware (such a blissful feeling to have no "Where is my ---?" or "--- has MY gloves. I don't want HIS!")

This AM I was organized enough to drop my son off at the public school for his work with the Reading Specialist, and I actually went to Caribou Coffee with two good friends. One friend treated, though I am a cheap date and only cost $1.95. I rememebered to bring the six milk gallons we're saving for the K-Club at the school and I dropped off some magazines to my mom. We just got back from speech therapy with the youngest, and he is coloring peacefully while watching Tom and Jerry. The laundry is done, the house is neat and clean, and all I can do is a sigh of relief.

Certainly this encourages me to put forth an effort to be a better planner and less of a procrastinator.


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