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Non-financial, Sad Day

November 18th, 2013 at 05:51 pm

I know we are a diverse group here in our religious beliefs, but there is a spirit of warmth and congeniality that is very wonderful in this little corner of the blogosphere called SA.

Could you please, please spare a minute for prayers and wishes for peace for a family we know through the high school? Their beloved 24 year old daughter committed suicide on Friday. Such a tragic and senseless thing to those around the family. I cannot imagine the depths of their despair as they try to heal from this event.

Her name was Megan. Thank you, and God bless.

13 Responses to “Non-financial, Sad Day”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    So sad. Prayers sent. ((Hugs))

  2. Carol Says:

    So sorry. Sending caring thoughts.

  3. Petunia 100 Says:

    That is so sad. My heart goes out to Megan and her family. My positive thoughts, too.

  4. PNW Mom Says:

    Sending thoughts and prayers their way

  5. starfishy Says:

    so very sad - my thoughts are with the you and megan's family and friends.

  6. Looking Forward Says:

    My thoughts and prayers for Megan, her family and all other parents who have lost children too soon.. So sad.

  7. momcents Says:

    Thank you for the response. I think that as I experience sheer joy and happiness (one of our best friends got married on Saturday and it was such awesomeness) it makes the bad and horrible news that much worse. Painfully so ... I, ironically, slept last night (after being up two nights in a row with a sick child - vomit and diarrhea - and my own regular insomnia). Unfortunately, the dreams were just awful.

    I am thankful that I have this small place to share things. Thank you for the support and prayers for the family.

  8. miz pat Says:

    I stopped and said a prayer for Megan and her family.

  9. Ima saver Says:

    I am sending prayers your way too!

  10. rob62521 Says:

    Said a prayer.

  11. SicilyYoder Says:

    Prayers sent.

  12. mamasita Says:

    Oh, prayers for Megan, and her family.

  13. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Such sad news. Frown Praying for Megan's family, and those around them.

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