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Update: No layoff as of late

August 19th, 2011 at 07:16 pm

DH is still gainfully employed, despite the ongoing closed door meetings and other things that are going on. He certainly isn't feeling very secure about his situation at present. He'll be bringing his job description home and I'll update his resume this week some time, just so it is ready to roll, if and when the time comes.

His severence would be three months (based on what a recelty laid off coworker got - similar time with the company, etc.). We've decided that we'd use that for the mortgage payments and insurance premiums (priced through State Farm, a decent policy would cost us about $550 a month, not bad).

Between the rental property income and unemployment, we'd be able to meet our basic bills.

In preparation of possible things, I've decided to:
(1) Switch cable/internet/phone providers in the near future. It appears that AT&T Uverse would cost $90 a month (half of what we're presently paying)
(2) I would defer my student loan payment due to unemplyment, saving us $175.00 a month (I'd like to keep paying interest if possible)
(3) The "Y" would have to go, especially during the summer when we have plenty to do outside. I'm sure my parents would loan us their treadmill for the winter. That would save $67.55 a month.
(4) With the kids all in school during the day, I could look into possibly substitute teaching with the Diocese in which we live.
(5) With the kids in school, I'll have time to be a much more diligent coupon-er, which could save a lot more of the grocery budget.
(6) I've rounded up some things to sell. I have some jewelry that I'm not attached to emotionally that I'll see what I can get for it.
(7) I've decided to sell some unique lamps and a mirror from my biological father (who for all intents and purposes we're rather estranged from) - I'll be taking those in next week to the upsale consignment store.
(8) The new garage roof on the rental property can wait until things are more certain.
(9) I'm opening a checking account with TCF Bank which should yield me $100 additional dollars after opening it and making ten transactions in 60 days (no direct deposit required to open the account)
(10) I have $60 Target gift cards and a $25 Macy's gift card to use toward Holiday spending.

Still feeling some anxiety about things, but less stressed than this AM. Thanks for the positive thoughts and kind words. Big Grin

4 Responses to “Update: No layoff as of late”

  1. My English Castle Says:

    Nicely organized and thought out! I hope you don't need to go there though.

  2. whitestripe Says:

    is it at all faintly possible that he'd be getting a promotion instead of the sack? it could be another, nicer reason for closed door meetings... Although, planning for the worst is most definately a SMART things to do!

  3. PatientSaver Says:

    Yeah, the more steps you can take in advance, the more in control and prepared you'll feel. I would keep your husband's possible/imminent layoff in the back of your mind at all times, especially when spending ANY kind of money. There's a lot of discretionary stuff that can be deferred or permanently eliminated.

  4. frugaltexan75 Says:

    I hope it doesn't come to the point where he is laid off, but if he is, you sound like you've got your ducks in a row.

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