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"Don't worry. It will all get paid."

July 9th, 2010 at 05:41 am

I've been dealing with money on a non-emotional level lately (trying to cast aside unnecessary worry or inflated confidence depending on what day).

Yesterday was quite the "spending" day - not for the day, but for the month/year.

We found out that the tuition assistance that we'll be getting for the Catholic school tuition isn't as much as we had planned. I had looked at the tuition for four kids, not realizing that it was really three plus kindergarten. The $1,400 for kindergarten offers no assistance. We paid $1,200 last year with a $500 grant from the Diocese (for one child). This year it is $4,202 including a $2000 grant from the Diocese (each child). Public school isn't an option because we value the Catholic religion, so we'll really be valuing it this year ...

Irish dancing daughters need new dresses. They've started trying on used dresses at the school which are still quite costly. I will sell their present dresses, but can't do it yet because they need to wear them in competition. And the younger dancer is excelling at a rate which will put her at the Worlds within two to three years (can anyone say Ireland?) It makes me think of the show "Toddlers and Tiaras" where one mother said it best: If your gonna run with the big boys and do glitz, you're gonna have to pay to play." Sigh ...

Medical bills (what I owe after insurance) for May stand like this:
Hospital: $2,500 which should be reduced to $700 following E/R charges (denied at first)
My doctor: $120 (paid $60)
Anesthesiologist: $102 (paid $51)
Pathology: $18

I was lamenting this yesterday to DH who said, "Don't worry. It will all get paid. It always does."

It is true. It always does get paid. It feels sort of like the mini-rollercoaster called the Little Dipper, not quite sure if you've seen it or not. A simple elongated oval with little hills and valleys - you don't travel real fast, but it has the "thrills" of the bigger coasters minus the speed. That is what I'm on. Today (payday) took care of every last line item on the list of extraneous things: $235 tires, $155 dance competition fee, $80 Corvette battery, $100 Fall sports, $33 soccer trophy contribution. Got rid of those crumbs for nice new heaping helpings of what I owe.

To end on a positive note:

An air of frugality has crept into the lives of my family. Fun is truly bike rides, swimming and working out at the Y (we pay monthly), watching DVDs and reading things from the library.

3 Responses to “"Don't worry. It will all get paid."”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Laura, you are doing really well. It is hard to see those large expenses and feel like you aren't moving forward. But no credit card debt. Right? In my book you have the priorities in the right place.

    Good luck finding a new irish dancing dress!! Can these be bought on ebay...or are they more expensive?

  2. momcents Says:

  3. NJDebbie Says:

    I agree with creditcardfree! Your family know what's important to all of you and sacrifice to make it happen.

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