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June totals and Random shopping trip

July 5th, 2010 at 08:38 am

In June, the money was really tight and I watched pretty much every dollar that we spent. We did spend, but what we had I needed to be judicious with. The totals were:

Groceries (this is all food/household cleaning supplies and paper products/pet food) was $491.54

Gas for cars was $260.09

Miscellaneous was $203.61 (this included an Rx for $83 for DD, a flat of flowers for the house, a new tennis racket for oldest son, a new pair of shorts for DD, a pair of Sketcthers for son, and Father's Day gifts, plus a gift for kid birthday)

I am pleased, though I feel that I could have done better (perpetual feeling that I fight).

In a previous post I mentioned my grandmother sent me a generous check. I moved it to the savings account, now that things are feeling less restrictive. I did, however, stop at the local resale store - all proceeds go to the county's domestic violence program, a good cause. I only had three of the kids with me, and they were all happy to help me shop and this is what we spent:

Wish brand dress (so cute, brand out of Australia) for me - I tried it on, I like it. It's a keeper $7

Electric golf putting assistant (NIB) that newly golfing son found $8

Italian silk sweater for DH brand: Bachrach (one that he liked that went out of business two years ago) $4

A plain cotton short-sleeved sweater for myself $4

A 1,000 piece puzzle Norman Rockwell Saturday Evening Post $2

Swim shorts for DD $2, some books and flash cards for son $3

I was charged twice for a $4 item, so I'll count that toward donations.

Total with tax $37.44. And we've already spent hours working the puzzle and the 7 yo is learning his states and capitols.

1 Responses to “June totals and Random shopping trip”

  1. Jerry Says:

    That's a pretty good haul from the resale shop, and even better that it leads to a worthy cause. If you can find a place like that you will have insurance of a good resource for stuff that you need, save money, and help the community at the same time.

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